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We exist to ignite passion in the local church

About Ascension

Ascension Worship is non-profit organization that is passionate about equipping church leadership teams with the tools and opportunities needed to make their worship experiences better. We exist as a resource that unites and benefits the local church.


Ascension began in 2004 with the same desire that has become our mission today; to be a resource to the local church. We began by inviting local churches to unite together to form nights of worship that would connect multiple congregations and their worship teams. These partnerships enabled us to develop a comprehensive network that supports and enables event coordination both locally and at a national level. We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable corporation within the state of Florida.


2007    Love God, Love People

2008    Unify

2009    Give Yourself Away

2010    Awake

2011    Recollect

2012    Hope is Alive

2013    Untitled

We have moved away from monthly tour dates as local churches have begun to host these worship nights more regularly. From time to time, however, we host Ascension Worship Nights and would love for you to join with us!

The Network

Ascension Worship currently exists in multiple cities around the US. In each of these cities, we connect musicians that are not actively using their gifts with churches that have a need. To find out more about what we do in this area, check out our Network section of the website. We’re always looking to expand our service to other regions so if you’re interested in bringing the Ascension Network to your city, please contact us here. 

If you're not in one of the cities where we have a network hub, the Network is still for you!  Each month our network members receive a free City Worship Project song that can be used in your local community.  Membership is completely free and has nothing but benefits.  

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